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Why move to Brighton? Removals from London to Brighton or Brighton to London

In the olden days, Brighton was a very small and poor fishing village in Brightelmstone.  However, its story changed in 18th century when a paper was written on sea bathing by Dr. Russell of Lewes.  The paper enumerated the benefits of salt water to human health.  When people read the paper, they started trooping in to the seaside to boost the condition of their health.  The town started developing because of that, and by 1780, the Regency terraces began and it metamorphosized into a trendy resort of Brighton.  
Six years after that, precisely in 1786, Prince Regent hired a farmhouse so as to run away from public life.  In 1820, coach networks were improved to London from Brighton and by 1850 railways were established and many people trooped to the resort and many business oriented men also makes the city very popular by establishment of amusement parks, hotels and theatres.
Brighton is a place of attraction where many people are moving to because of its many place of interests. It is estimated that about 8 million tourists go to Brighton to see the resorts. The city has two good universities, Business conference company and medical schools.  Other attractions are enumerated below;


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brighton wheel


brighon beach

Brighton boasts of a good beach that has a blue flag prominence with gravels. There are many restaurants, night clubs and bars at the front of the sea for all fun lovers.  Brighton can be access in just an hour by train from London.  This is why people troops in from London to enjoy themselves at the beach.   

 Moving From London to Brighton or Brighton to London

brighton marinaMarina

Anyone who does not like to stay inside Brighton can opt for Brighton Marina which is about 10 minutes drive along the coast.  The Marina is a busy place populated with cinema, bowling alley and restaurants.  There are different types of properties with varying size which overlooks the moorlands of countless number of boats.






The countryside of Brighton is accessible within few minutes of driving out of the city.  The country sides are Sussex, Delvis Dyke etc. devils dyke brighton

There are spectacular views across Sussex to the other part of Brighton where there are so many captivating areas of interest to catch people’s attention.
People who will love to travel out of Brighton to London can also do so without any stress involved. There is a train service that goes from Brighton to London Victoria which is about an hour’s journey.  If individuals want to take the journey by plane, there is a close airport nearby (Gatwick) which about 30 minutes drive from Brighton.  It is also possible to go by car which will also lead into the centre of London.
Brighton is a good place for anyone who will like to live and stay there.  It is meant for people who love fun and want to enjoy life to the fullest.  There are many places of interest to keep everyone busy and fun filled.

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