tips when moving house
Tips You Must Know When Moving House
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When someone is in the process of moving house, it can be financially, physically, and mentally draining with all of the work and steps required to take to successfully finalize your move to a new house

With moving house comes a lot of worry, especially the day before moving or on the day of the move. You’re worried you might have forgotten something in the house or the removal vehicle. You want to experience a move that is less stressful and runs smoothly. Here are a handful of useful tips to take into consideration before moving house:


1. Mail Redirection

Ensuring the security of your personal information during a move is crucial. Notify Royal Mail of your new address in advance to prevent identity theft. Set up redirection 6-12 months ahead to avoid issues. A small fee applies, but it's worth it. Visit the Royal Mail redirection page for details.

2. Notify Your Bank – Financial companies

Inform your bank, building societies, and financial companies of your new address to avoid complications. Write/call each company individually with clear details. Ensure they update their records promptly for emergencies.

3. Home Insurance

Check with your insurance company before moving to ensure coverage in your new home. Submit insurance details 30 days in advance to start on key pickup day.

4. Move Your Car

Update your car ownership certificate and driving license details online: change-name-address-v5c and change-address-driving-licence. Notify your car insurance company of the address change to avoid issues.

5. Meter Readings

Take water, gas, and electricity meter readings before moving. Notify suppliers to prevent billing issues. Check online for change of address forms from your suppliers.

6. TV Licence

Update your TV licensing details for your new address at TV Licensing website.

7. Broadband

Inform your broadband provider about your move. Check if they offer transfer services or consider alternatives. Contact your provider to explore options.

8. Start Packing

Commence packing early to ensure a smooth transition. Declutter and pack only necessary items.

9. Take your vote right with you
Inform the local council of your address change to retain your voting rights. Register to vote at your new address here.

10. Parking

Inform the local council of your address change to retain your voting rights. Register to vote at your new address here.

11. Schools

Inform the existing and new school about your move, providing notice and ensuring a smooth transition for your children.

12. Health Services

Suspend registration with current health service providers and re-register with new ones in your new home area.

13. Hotel if required

Book temporary accommodation in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your preferred dates.

14. Pets

Ensure the safety of your pets during the move. Arrange for temporary care with friends or family.

15. Compare Removal Costs

Compare removal costs and request a home survey to avoid surprises on moving day.

15. Clean your House

Clean your house before moving out to leave it in good condition for the new occupants.